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1d_realtalk's Journal

Real Talk About One Direction
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This is a community for fans of One Direction to discuss the problematic or discussion worthy parts of being in the One Direction fandom. This includes but is not limited to: the members of 1D, the backup band, the fans, the members' family and friends, fanfiction and articles written about 1D.

1) This is not a place to spam pictures. Any picture spam will be deleted, and you will be given a warning. You may post pictures if they're relevant to what you are trying to discuss.
2) This community is not for discussing the looks/talent levels of the band members or ships. For example, a comment that says: Harry is untalented, Niall is the least attractive member of the group, and Lirry is the best ship ever, will not be tolerated. It's just not the right community for that. Once again, it will be deleted, you will be given a warning.
3) Think twice before you post something. Read it over. This is a discussion comm, and people will disagree with your opinion. If you are on here posting, you take full responsibility of your opinion. The mods are not here to defend you. If you post something people don't agree with and you get barraged with negative responses, you'll have to deal with that yourself.
4) If you don't like a certain topic, don't bitch about it. Scroll past it. Not interested in discussing fanfiction? Cool, it's not for everyone. Just ignore it. Don't complain in the comm, and don't complain to mods. They're not breaking any rules.
5) Personal attacks will also not be tolerated. Any kind of personal remark made on someone's skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation etc. will get you an automatic ban. Just don't do it. It's okay to ask someone a personal question, or to use personal life experiences in your discussion. Just don't bring it up against someone as a form of attack.
6) If you're having any serious issues with another comm member, please come to one of our lovely mods and we will sort it out for you. We have a lot of mods and maintainers, because the community has the possibility of becoming a wank fest. However I would really like it if it stayed a safe place for people to discuss their opinions with other people who like slightly more serious discussions.
7) With that in mind, this is a place for serious discussions, not for trolling or baiting. There are other places for that.
8) Treat everyone on here equal. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Unless it's hateful 8)

How it Works:
A new post will be created every day or so, and you can post whatever you want within the comments but only mods/maintainers can create a new post. Try to keep subjects as close together as possible, so if someone has created a thread about a certain topic that you want to weigh in on, please post it as a reply. However, if you have something completely new to bring to the table, even if the topic has already been brought up, feel free to start a new thread of conversation. Note: If you are interested in creating a post, and think you have enough to say on a subject, or think the subject deserves it's own post, please contact nialler and she will set it up so you can submit one.

To sum it up: it's the internet, and it's a boyband. It's fun to have serious conversation, but if someone doesn't agree with you, it's not the end of the world. Thanks. Also, since this is a new comm, rules may be changing so please just go with it!

If you're interested in news/regular 1D chat, ontd_1d is a good comm